He Prepares A Table

Enemies are not just “people” who are against us. There are enemies called debt, addiction, hurts, sickness, wounds, etc. When we are in a spiritual battle, we must recognize ALL enemies including practical and spiritual ones. Today, lets pray that our enemies will turn back as we cry out to God! Let’s praise His Word in spite of it all! Let’s thank the Lord for all He has done, is doing and will forever do! God’s eye is on each one of us. Should you wander in this life, He numbers them all and can bring you back to Him because the Lord is Our Shepherd. Not only does He see our tears but He wipes them away. He is the God of All Comfort in our lives. No matter what we do, His compassion and lovingkindness is still there for us. We can tell Him about ALL of the enemies we are dealing with in life. GOD PREPARES A TABLE FOR US IN THE PRESENCE OF OUR ENEMIES.

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